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To register, please fill out the form below and click the submit button at the bottom of the page. An email message will be sent to you confirming your registration. Please contact registrar@iptel.org if you have any questions concerning registration and our free trial SIP services.

Address to which a subscription confirmation request will be sent. (If an invalid address is given, no confirmation will be sent and no SIP account will be created.)
This is your PSTN phone number where you can be reached.
Your SIP address will be username@iptel.org. Indicate only the username part of the address. It may be either a numerical address starting with '8' (e.g., '8910') or a lower-case alphanumerical address starting with an alphabetical character (e.g., john.doe01). Do not forget your username -- you will need it to configure your phone!
Do not forget your password -- you will need it to configure your phone!